Yoga class with a view

The main reason that prompted me to give blogging another go was my amazing weekend in London. My friend M has recently moved to the capital for work and invited me to stay, and obviously I said yes!

She was telling me about these yoga classes at the Shard everyone in her office was raving about, which seemed like the perfect way to kick start our weekend!

Yogasphere has several locations in London, including a couple at the Shard – one on the 24th floor, and another on the 69th floor. Situating in the heart of London, Yogasphere at The View from The Shard holds classes at a height of 1,016ft (310m).

We opted for an open level class on the 24th floor, as the timing worked better for us (I still had to wake up at 5am!) – it also costed a little less than the yoga classes on the 69th floor (which meant more cocktails for us! 😛)

My initial disappointment of missing out on “Europe’s highest yoga class” soon vanished, as the view on the 24th floor was A M A Z I N G ☀️

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Walking into the spacious room, I was a bit scared to tell the truth – I had only been to one yoga class some 7-8 years ago as a more-or-less clueless teenager, but didn’t start practising regularly until very recently.

While I am relatively comfortable practising yoga in my bedroom, I wasn’t sure what it would be like to be in a room full of people (my social anxiety played a huge part in this). Nonetheless, moving through the poses while enjoying the London skyline was oddly calming, and soon my trepidation was overshadowed by the excitement.

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After the hour-long classes, we stayed behind to take some pictures and chatted with the instructor Jelka (who was absolutely lovely), before heading to Borough Market (a 5-min walk from the Shard).

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start our weekend.

You can book the yoga classes online, as well as find information on Yogasphere here.

Yogasphere is a partner of the Trees for the Future nonprofit organisation, which plants 10 trees for every person who attends each yoga class.


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