Your weight doesn’t matter

“Shed 3, 5, 7+ kilos” – Women’s Health magazine (Australia)

“Two babies and two dress sizes smaller” – Weight Watchers magazine

“How to lose 10 lbs in 10 days!” – OK! magazine

These, my lovelies, are some actual headlines that grace the covers of our magazines. Tips of the iceberg really.

Every other magazine has pages on diet plans, weight loss methods, while at the same time encouraging women to love their bodies. Society has taught us “losing weight” is good, but why? If “losing weight” is the answer, what is the question?

Let’s take a moment to ask yourself: What does losing weight “give” you? Does it make you happy? Give you a sense of control?

You cannot do your best whilst your brain is starving, and you would never achieve your full potential when you are not fuelling your body well! Instead, be very grateful to your body for fighting so hard to keep you alive. Gaining weight is not a crime, no matter what our culture tries to lure us into believing.

Don’t chastise yourself if you are not “able to” maintain an artificially low weight (i.e. a weight you body isn’t mean to be at) – being at a low weight does you no good, let’s be honest. Logically, you know “being underweight” and “being fat” are mutually exclusive – weight is merely a number, or in terms of Physics, “a measurement of the pull of gravity on your body”.

FullSizeRender 16.jpg

Consider this: What does “being fat” mean to you? And what does “being thin” mean to you? You cannot pin every trouble you encounter onto “it happened because I am fat”. NO. Even if you were physically fat, that does not make you less worthy than you are. You should not have to punish yourself and mistreat yourself to “be you”. Changing your body will never fix your life, quite the opposite actually, as I learnt this the hard way.

Never let a number on the scale define you – you are a HUMAN BEING, not a NUMBER. What are you seeking from a number anyway? Happiness? Acceptance? Then I’m sorry, you are looking for that in the wrong place. You cannot find self-esteem, strength, or beauty in a number – that’s a fact. There is so much more in life than numbers, and remember:

You are the SAME person no matter how much your body weighs, or what size you are.


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