Thoughts, fear and healing vibes

If you let your thoughts control you, you are inevitably limiting yourself in whom you’ll become as well as your future experiences. Life itself is a journey, reliving distressing moments will only keep you stuck in a rut, feeling exhausted and tired. But, in fact, you don’t have to drag your past into today – instead of giving the thoughts too much airtime, it is worth sitting back and observe the recollections from afar. Time heals, and it is much better to focus on the lessons you learned and realise your strength – you are a survivor.

Once you’ve accepted all that, you’ll notice some of the negative junk creeping in from time to time. How do you make it stop? Do you chastise yourself for having bad thoughts? Do you let the fear and worry take over?


Uncertainties in life often fill me with fear, while emotional and physical pain feed one another. For a while I have been seeking ways to heal and hoping to move on sooner or later.

Here is what I have learned…

  1. Beauty is never measured in sizes, weight, or other silly numbers
  2. It always seems impossible until it is done
  3. If you give your life up you will never forgive yourself
  4. Stop comparing yourself to the others, everyone is unique
  5. A bad day only lasts 24 hours, tomorrow is a brand new day
  6. It is always the darkest before dawn
  7. Believe in yourself and learn to love yourself unconditionally
  8. Be compassionate with yourself and your process
  9. Be grateful to your body, for fighting hard to keep you alive
  10. You are much stronger than you think
  11. Stop fighting against yourself and start fighting for yourself
  12. Take it one day at a time, every little step counts


Two waves in the ocean are talking to each other.

The front wave tells the second that it’s frightened
because it is about to crash into the shore
and cease to exist.

But the second wave shows no fear.

It explains to the first:

“You are frightened because you think you are a wave;
I am not frightened because I know I am part of
the ocean.”

― Daniel Gottlieb 

Letters to Sam: A Grandfather’s Lessons on
Love, Loss, and the Gifts of Life


Keep searching for that glimpse of light in every dawn and every dusk, even on rainy days or stormy nights.“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”


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