3 tips on finding peace within yourself

“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

– Buddha

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Do you ever feel rubbish about yourself or your body? Just one of those days where you feel bloated and you cannot find a single thing in your wardrobe that fits?

Or feel guilty for having that extra piece of cake and decide to exercise to “get rid off” those extra calories?

Or feel you are obliged to lose a couple of pounds, kilos or stones?

But hang on a minute, how did we get there?

I am not talking about any aesthetic or vanity reasons – this is something deeper – how we feel about ourselves and how we feel in our own skins.

I mean, these days we are in charge of our careers, money/investments and pretty much everything else, but how many of us are truly happy when it comes to our relationship with food and our bodies?

Of course, I don’t doubt there are people who eat whatever they desire, whenever they want, and love their bodies unconditionally – which is a beautiful thing; yet sadly most of us would have certain degree of body anxiety at some point in your life, maybe before a holiday in south of France, or to get into a pair of new jeans you have just bought.

Well, you are not alone. 

I am by no means an expert in this area, as a matter of fact, I have always had a rubbish relationship with body image and food. I had spent half my life hating my body and trying to be in control, then it came the day when I realised enough was enough – only I could free myself from this mess.

Even though I am not quite there yet, I have gathered some tips and tricks along the way.

This will always be a work in progress.

Watercolor_Advanced 9.png

1. Sod those bloody scales

🌸 because you are more than a meaningless number<<<<<<
se no matter how small or large the number is, it will never be enough

We cannot separate our bodies from our minds, for they are part of us, so why not try paying some extra attention to them?

Love your body, because it is yours to care for.

2. Self acceptance is key

🌸 because we all have flaws<bse no one is perfect

A “perfect” body does not guarantee happiness, health, beauty or anything to be honest. Life isn’t all about looks or what size clothes you wear; it is about how you feel about yourself.

Every person is unique, and it is down to such differences – or even flaws – that make you who you are. Think of Marilyn Monroe, curvaceous, sexy and beautiful; then of Twiggy, doe-eyed, thin and beautiful.

3. Learn what your body needs

🌸 because love, respect, food and nourishment are essential<br<br<br
nows what it needs best

Listen to your body – eat when you feel hungry and only stop when you are full, go to bed when you are tired and wake up feeling refreshed.

You refuel your car when it is out of petrol, and give it a good wash when it needs cleaning – now do the very same with yourself.

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Images made with Procreate app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil ✏️
(@doralogy) for more doodles😊

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