3 ways to create mandalas with iPad/iPad Pro

It is no secret that I love sharing mandalas on my Instagram (@doralogy #shamelessselfpromo) and recently, I have been asked by a few of my lovelies as to how I create mandalas on my iPad. So in this post, I am sharing my favourite ways to draw mandalas on iOS devices!


Method 1 🌸 Amaziograph
(iOS ✅ Android ✅ Microsoft ✅ £0.99/$0.99 – £1.09)

👍 the, cheapest, quickest and easiest way by far
👍 works on Android and Microsoft devices
👎 no customisable brushes!
👎 does not have any streamlining/smoothing tool for shaky hands like mine!

I only ever use Amaziograph for quick drafts as the end results do not look as polished as I’d like them to be, yet I consider it an essential (albeit a bit basic) tool for brainstorming/designing mandalas.


Method 2 🌸 Procreate
(iOS ✅ £9.99/$8.99)

👍 one of the most versatile drawing apps for iOS devices
👍 a wide range of brushes and colour palettes available
👎 not suitable for creating more complex design
👎 quality loss when resizing/duplicating layers (the lines can look slightly fuzzy ⬇️)


It is clear why Procreate is an extremely popular creative platform – its user-friendly interface, the extensive features, and let’s not forget about all the custom brushes! This had been my go-to method for creating mandalas for about 2 years, and whilst I mainly use Autodesk Graphic for outlining my mandalas these days, nothing beats Procreate when it comes to lettering, sketching or doodling with any tablet.



Method 3 🌸 Autodesk Graphic
(iOS ✅ £9.99/$8.99)

👍 can resize elements/layers without quality loss
👍 can be used for intricate and detailed designs
👎 can lag quite a lot at times (especially if there are many elements or layers)
👎 the export options are confusing at best

Autodesk Graphic has functionalities somewhat similar to Adobe Illustrator – it is a vector illustrating software at its roots and it is relatively easy to use with practice. The thing I love most about this method is that I can rotate elements by the exact angles, as well as move shapes around by simply entering the x and y coordinates, which makes everything super precise. I find with Autodesk Graphic, I can create more complex designs because of this. Yes, this method does take some getting used to (and it takes quite a lot longer to create mandalas this way – it normally takes me a couple of hours, compared to 10 – 20 mins with Amaziograph), the end result is much better in my opinion.


🌸 All 3 methods should work on any iPads with an up-to-date operating system
🌸 I have personally tested all 3 on an iPad mini 3 and an iPad Pro 10.5″ (iOS 11)
🌸 I use an Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro but Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus is a great alternative for other iPad models

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