Roses are red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It’s Valentine’s Day today
You should love yourself I’d say

(Yep, I am a total loser 🙈)


Loving yourself does not make you “vain”, “narcissistic” or “arrogant” – it really is okay to be you and be proud of that 💕 When thoughts like “I’ll never be good enough” or “I don’t deserve to be healthy/happy/etc.” pop up, remind yourself that they’re LIES – no more than that.

As for who you really are, well, you are just, YOU.

No matter who you are, how old you are and what you have had encountered in your life, YOU deserve to have a healthy and happy life. You are unique, or in other words, there is only one YOU in the entire world, no one else can take your place and you don’t need to do anything, or change your body to earn that place. It is for you, and you alone ✨

You don’t need to see where you are heading in life. Even if the “end” was not what you had hoped for, you could always try again on the morrow. If what you want is not what others deem the norm, trust your instinct and take the road less travelled by. Keep moving forward, and when you cannot see what lies ahead, close your eyes and take random steps.

– Now go tell yourself that you are enough

Trust me, you really are

Untitled_Artwork 31.PNG


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