Mini update + new videos

Hello lovelies 💜

Hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather and the sunshine! I have been having a little break from the blogging world to concentrate on my thesis, which is taking slightly much longer than expected (but I do enjoy it). I think I’ll start posting every now and then but we shall see 🙈


Some of the snippets from the past few months:

🌸 The dark chocolate & almond butter cookie (aka the vegan cookie) from Pret is HEAVENLY 🍪 (& they reposted my picture on their Instagram! 🙈)
🌸 Their chocolatey coconut bite (which is basically dairy-free Bounty 🥥) is also a firm favourite
🌸 Loving my new phone case from Velvet Cavier! My 2nd time ordering from them and again I am impressed with their cases (protectiveness ✔️ style✔️ quality ✔️)
🌸 This is the Blue Lily chrome floral case btw 💙 Side note: this is not an ad nor a sponsored post – I happily paid for my phone case
🌸 Raspberry ripple is probably my new fav out of all the Booja Booja ice cream 💜
🌸 I made monthly calendars for June and July (made with Autodesk Graphic ofc) – Would anyone be interested in free printables?
🌸 I have a love-hate relationship with this heat wave 🤔
🌸 One of my recent galaxy mandalas (video below 🎬)
🌸 I’m LOVING the liquidfy tool from the latest Procreate update! This is definitely the best update yet – the symmetry assist guide is another huge improvement (video no. 2 ⬇️)
🌸 There are two new videos on my Youtube channel –

That’s it from me for now 💜

Love you all x

P.S. I am usually on Instagram when procrastinating 🙃📚

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