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I am a teeny tiny fish in this deep blue sea, also known as the Internet. Social media intimidates me, I have to admit; but from time to time I do yearn for a place where I can talking about whatever pops into my head. I created this space so I could share pretty pictures, and occasionally my thoughts or beliefs. I am passionate about the topics I write about hence all my opinions are honest and genuine.

Whilst I know life is not all fairy dust and glitter balls, I do try to keep my chin up and stay positive. I am the girl who sit in the corner at parties because she is too anxious to talk to people she doesn’t know well, so do bare with me if I don’t respond to comments – I am pretty rubbish at communicating with others in general.

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Personally I don’t agree with companies testing their products on poor bunnies. A while ago I started buying cruelty-free makeup and beauty products, with a fair few exceptions, e.g. contact lenses. There are plenty of alternatives out there, a little Googling alway helps (you can find more information here and here). Food wise, I am mostly plant-based. I don’t particularly like labels as everyone is unique; but fruits and veggies have made my body happy, which in turn makes my mind happy too. If you wish to be raw, paleo, vegan, or a meat-eater, go for it and you have my respect, but let’s not be judgemental here.

The same goes with the yarns I choose to crochet with – my stash consists mostly of cotton and acrylic yarns. Natural fibres are delightful to work with, but acrylic yarns are much more affordable. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the idea of recycling wool, or using up resources that would otherwise gone to waste. I remember one Great British Menu dish featured the use of billy goats, which are generally seen as useless because they don’t contribute to the dairy industry thus are discarded as waste shortly after birth. I think that is a pretty good comprise – does this make me a hypocrite?

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Over the years, I have been incredibly fortunate to have some great opportunities. All the products mentioned on this blog were purchased by myself, or kindly gifted by families and friends. Unless otherwise stated, all blog posts are written by yours truly, with the use of my own (and honest) opinion.

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, you can contact me here.

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